Karena Sepatah Kata adalah Senjata

Karena Sepatah Kata adalah Senjata

“Karena Sepatah Kata adalah Senjata”

yup this is the tagline of this blog, which is possible if people intrepret the meanings of this sentence differently. Maybe there will be a lot of question, why that words are used as the tagline in this blog??. Five words are used tagline of this blog has a philosophy and as a reminder.

word : a single unit of language which means something and can be spoken or written or a thing that you say” (oxford dictionary)

Based on the meaning of word, something can be written or spoken and as a form of expression. Just imagine what would happen if the world without a word?? A World without words is terrible thing that could imagined. Without a word, the sciences that exist today may not exist, communication with people would not be as good now and much more terrible impact that cannot be imagined.

Anything could happen when you say something eventhough just one word. A word like a magic.


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