Steamed Chocholate Cake

Steamed Chocholate Cake

The material needed to make the CC consist of :

250 gr Flour

500 gr Sugar

8 Eggs

70 gr Chocolate powder

150 gr Chocolate block the slicing

A glass Oil vegetable

A glass Water

1 teaspons Vanili

1 teaspon TBM

1 teaspon baking soda

And prepare things such as : steamer, pan, margarine and paper cake.

How to make it :

1. Prepare all of ingredients

2. Spread pan with margarine and close with paper cake at the surface pan.

3. Prepare steamer put on stove

4. Sift flour and chocolate powder, if it done mix flour and chocolate powder and set aside

5. Mix egg and sugar until the colour become white or mixer for 30 minutes

6. If mixer done enter mix flour and chocolate powder, oil and water step by step until


7. When we have finished then ready to steamer.

8. Before you will steamer cake, you must boiled water in the steamer.

9. Pour the batter into the pan at least a third for 10 minutes (we can mention layer 1) and

open the steamer and add slicing cb on the layer 1, then pour the batter again on layer i

for 10 minutes, after that finally add cb and pour the batter last. If you finished pour, then

steamer about for 30 minutes then after that we can take the cc from the pan and ready to



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